Stuart Douglas

 Douglas has years of performance experience and a unique playing style that is both effortless and engaging. Douglas shines at rock and roll and at playing acoustic performances. He has toured all over the U.S. with multiple bands and released four studio albums. This includes the critically acclaimed “Eden Slips Away” which was named as one of the top 20 best independent albums. He is currently at work on his fifth studio album. Douglas’ music is best described as catchy with inviting hooks and twists, with hints of dark undertones. The songs tell stories of unrequited love, life, and the beauty of falling in love. You feel every emotion that Douglas feels as it is so well portrayed through his profound lyrics and vocals. Douglas has a way of writing that gives you vivid imagery and it will make you fall in love and share his pain and joy with the portrait he paints for you. He is a well-rounded individual and aside from making music he is involved in the community as a board member with the low cost spay/neuter program Daisy Spay. He is also an avid supporter of rescue organizations for dogs and even does volunteer therapy work with his own dog, Sophie.

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