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“This Fire Has Started “ the new studio album from singer songwriter, Stuart Douglas was released on November 15, 2019. After being absent from the music business for a number of years, Douglas returned last year beginning with a sold out performance for Radiovizions at the Coal and Iron Building, as well as performances at Boom Days, Third Saturday, First Friday ,Color Fest etc. all the while writing, composing, recording and prepping his new release. 
This is Douglas’s 5th full length album and the follow up to his critically acclaimed “ Eden Slips Away.” “This Fire Has Started “ was recorded in Birmingham Alabama with highly sought after producer Eric Watters. The album features 15 tracks consisting of 13 brand new songs, a live acoustic version of a fan favorite, as well as a previously unreleased track. 
The studio band features Douglas on lead vocals , guitars and backing vocals, Watters on guitars and backing vocals, Brant Benefield on drums and percussion, Reno Roberts on bass guitar and Jamie Bell on keyboards. 
Douglas has plans to release a full acoustic version of the album at a later date. “I’m very proud of this album”, says Douglas. “Unlike previous albums 
where the songs took shape by playing them in front of an audience night after night, this experience was a lot different. I wrote these songs and brought them to Eric and we built them piece by piece. We had no preconception of where they would take us or how they should sound. I was working with some amazing musicians and we just let each song go in the direction that felt natural. We also took care to cut out anything that we didn’t feel was essential, so the songs get to the point and don’t wear out their welcome. I wanted this album to be fun and I think we succeeded. “

The album is a rock record with pop sensibilities and has something for everyone. There are catchy hooks, rockers, love songs , as well as some of the dark undertones that Douglas is known for.

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