From the recording Eden Slips Away


I took a walk through my home town
As the winter sun was going down
Across the rise
In the wounded skies
Past broken bricks, faded signs
Junk yards where those old steel beasts go to die
And I just walked on by
Staring down the great beyond
The house of cards has come undone
Hello from the promised land
Put up another cross in the city of the lost
It’s raining in the promised land
We’re leaving here tonight so just kiss it all goodbye
A blue light lows from every house
Those little screens won’t let us out
We’ve turned to dust
And lost the best of us
I’m going to the spirit tree
To chase these ghosts away from me
And see the land
Hold it in my hands
Like marina on your tongue
Drink it down
Till you feel numb
On Jordan’s banks we’ll lay
And kiss the breeze as Eden slips away
Lyrics by Stuart Douglas and Jessica Murdock
Music by Stuart Douglas