1. Down

From the recording Walking in on America


You can see her on the crowded streets
In the places where the masses meet
You can see her drowning as she breathes
You can see her
You can feel her cutting deep within
Like a razor pressed into the skin
You can see her in the neon sky
You can feel her as she moves inside
I only want to watch her sink
Down Down DownYou can take her while she's fast asleep
In the garden ‘neath the Judas trees
You can see her in the fear machines
In the glitter and the gasoline
See her coming like a tidal wave
She's as subtle as a brick in the face
You can taste her like a desert breeze
You can taste her if you're on your knees
You can see her dancing in the blast
In the faces pressed against the glass
You can sense her just a step away
In the cracks, along the interstate
You can chase her but she's much too fast
Hear her laughing underneath the mask
You can feel her as the light grows dim
When it's over she'll be back again
Music and Lyrics by Stuart Douglas
Copyright 2001 Mr. Douglas Music BMI