1. Evil World

From the recording Eden Slips Away


On the 13th of November
I was waiting by the door
In the shadows of the streetlights
As the beast began to roar
She was sleeping in the water
‘Neath the lilies and the moss
Like old man rivers daughter
Like Ophelia to the slaughter
Foolish girl, Foolish girl
It’s an angry evil world
Somethings wrong
Now you’re gone
So long, so long
Pardon me dear could you help me?
I am just a stranger here
Now just keep walking
No more talking
Don’t want to hurt you but I will
Then she vanished like a flower
As if she was never here
Broken hearts with no closure
Never knowing never still
All is peaceful in her bedroom
She is in her finest lace
See the sadness bleed like madness
Through the veil over her face
Knives are handy
Pills are candy
Pull the trigger
Light the flame
Leaving nothing but destruction
For the ones who will remain
Music and Lyrics by Stuart Douglas
Copyright 2001 Mr. Douglas Music BMI