1. Garden Of Eden

From the recording Eden Slips Away


Hey Juliet, where are ya going?
Haven’t seen you in almost forever
I have dreamt of this moment so many times
Love is so complicated
And an innocent heart is easily jaded
I see the light in your window
But I don’t dare enter
On a night like this
I should go from this place
I should swallow my tears and run away
But your sad, hollow eyes keep me chained in this room
Hey Juliet, what are ya doing?
Can’t you see that your kiss is addictive
And I know that we’re both taking chances
Could get caught red handed
On a night like this
And even though I could lose
I will taste the forbidden fruit
And stay in the garden of eden with you
Ooh you lied
Hey Juliet, what’s the story?
Is it too late for a happy ending?
Don’t wanna be dependent
Guess I already am
Hey Juliet, where are ya going?
Well can you stay just a little bit longer?
Stay till I’m a little bit stronger
Don’t leave me broken
On a night like this
I will stay in this garden of Eden with you
Music and Lyrics by Stuart Douglas
Copyright 2007 Mr. Douglas Music BMI