From the recording Eden Slips Away


You packed your bags early this morning
Left him there with a warning
Am I supposed to be relieved?
Who’s to say that you won’t do the same to me?
You are a fever, raging in my soul
You are the fear that appears when I’m alone
So… Goodnight, Goodnight Mona Lisa
Goodnight, Goodnight Mona Lisa
You say that you’re a truthful liar
You say that you’re an honest thief
But truth is blinded by desire
I feel like dust underneath your feet
You are a beacon shining through the storm
If I should weaken, your anger keeps me warm
As I say…
You are a car crash gone out of control
You are the obsession that I need to make me whole
Music and Lyrics by Stuart Douglas
Copyright 2007 Mr. Douglas Music BMI