From the recording Walking in on America


Looking for America
I can still remember
Back when I was just a kid
The whole world seemed wide open
Life was much more simple then
And I’d sit out on the back porch
As that midnight clock would chime
And watch those freight trains going down
That old rock island line
And I could hear those engines turning
Just another kid dreaming in America
I don’t need a lot of promises
Baby I just want a friend
A traveling companion
To take this journey with
So we’ll hit the open road
Like Kerouac and Cassidy
And together we will wander
To wherever fate may lead
I want to hear those engines turning
Let’s go out there looking for America
And I want to smell those smokestacks burning
You and me looking for America
So we’re racing down the highway
And ahead there’s only sky
As the voice of Woody Guthrie
Echoes somewhere in my mind
And someday I’ll have to settle down
And face that light of truth
But I just want something to remember
When I look back on my youth
 Music and Lyrics by Stuart Douglas
Copyright 2001 Mr. Douglas Music BMI