1. Pearl

From the recording Walking in on America


I found a pearl in a world of despair
I searched the world for someone so fair
Foolish boy that I was
To try to tame this gentle dove
And now my heart has been torn
She don’t love me anymore
My precious pearl has slipped through my hands
My boat is tossed so far from land
Icy winds have cut my sails
I hear her voice on the frosty air
She is watching from the shore
But she don’t love me anymore
There was a time when her love shone
As bright as a thousand suns
Those happy days passed so swiftly
I should have treasured every one
I should have bent the constellations
Spelled out her name with the stars
But truth is crashing through the door
She don’t love me anymore
Music and Lyrics by Stuart Douglas
Copyright 2001 Mr. Douglas Music BMI