From the recording Walking in on America


Crazy Sara lives alone
With nothing but a house full of cats
No one knows how old she is
And everybody’s too afraid to ask
The coffee shop is always full
Young girls come to write their poetry
Here in any town America
Things are never what they seem to be
Pauls at the magnolia tree
Sipping on a pint of Muscatel
Says somewhere along the way
I guess my dreams got lost in the mill
Preacher’s walking down the street
Muttering to God under his breath
And the cops are at the diner
Cause there just ain’t nobody to arrest
Scenes from the highway
Life’s beautiful tapestry
It’s enough to make you wish
There were more lives to live
On this never ending road
Edith keeps a garden
And never really has that much to say
Her husband disappeared a year ago
The neighbors think it might have been foul
Carlota runs the records store and wears the
shortest mini skirts in town
You know the girls don’t really like her cause
their boyfriends are always hanging around
Music and Lyrics by Stuart Douglas
Copyright 2001 Mr. Douglas Music BMI