From the recording Eden Slips Away


I set out this morning and I ain’t coming back
Packed up all my ragged dreams
In a paper sack
It feels like there’s a stranger living in my skin
And just the scars remind me
Of the places that I’ve been
I’ve traveled on these broken wheels
Through dirty streets and golden fields
Just to see you face to face
Going home
I’m going home
Sail away through the sky
Past the setting sun
I’m going home
Where there is no pain
Where is no shame
Far away
The sign ahead says danger
But I pay no mind
Just push the pedal to the floor
And hear the motor grind
A man who risks nothing
Ends up with the same
I’d rather die than spend my life on these rusty chains
I stood in line like all the rest
I broke my back
I have my best
But it’s never enough
But the sun came out today
Feel it push the darkness away
Come on rise up
Music and Lyrics by Stuart Douglas
Copyright 2007 Mr. Douglas Music BMI