From the recording Walking in on America


Quiet little bar in Tucson in ‘75
She told me her name was Maria
That’s when she smiled
One thing it let to another
And then to a motel
And drink after drink
That’s where not long before morning
We thought of the scheme
A bank across the border looked easy
Until it went down
Bullets smashing through the windshield
Her head in my lap
Blood running down
Pulled off somewhere in the mountains
And pushed the car over the side
Held her sweet face in my hands
Kissed her lips as she died
I buried her beside a falls
In a hidden ravine
There by her grave
I washed off the blood and the dirt
But I never felt clean
I made my way back across the border
And drifted around for a while
Settled down in Louisiana
Bought a house on the banks of Grand Aisle
Got a wife now and a daughter
And a job drilling oil in the gulf
Well that should be enough
But sometimes I dream of Maria
The mist from the falls soaking her flower dress
I scream out her name and run to her
That’s when I wake up all covered in sweat
Music and Lyrics by Stuart Douglas
Copyright 2001 Mr. Douglas Music BMI