From the recording Eden Slips Away


You started fast
But didn’t last
How did you lose your way?
A pretty face
Such a waste
The picture didn’t take
It must have come
As such a surprise
That you’re not perfect after all
How could this be?
How could the wheels of fortune be so blind?
Consumed by need
But for love you never had the time
Close your eyes
Live the lie
Welcome to paradise
It’s all right
One more night
Welcome to paradise
The room is base
You say your prayers
As your life goes up in smoke
You count the days
You’ve pissed away
It all seems like a joke
Means to an end
You sold your friends
To the highest bidder
Face on the floor
Wolves at the door
Can you deny it anymore?
The things you hide
So deep inside
Are the things you’re dying for
Still you keep waiting, waiting, waiting
For the light to break through
Waiting, waiting, waiting,
You’re wide awake and waiting for love to stand still
Waiting for the bruises to heal
Waiting in silent rage
Waiting as the house slips away
Music and Lyrics by Stuart Douglas
Copyright 1996 Mr. Douglas Music BMI