1. Wings of Love

From the recording Walking in on America


The suns going down in a quiet little town
Where people still know you by name
A train’s in the distance breaking the silence
Winter is over, all is at peace
Dreaming as only children can dream
A child makes a wish on the stars
Alone on the sidewalk, bathed in the shadows
She feels the spirit calling her heart
Fly away on the wings of love
Don’t be afraid of falling
Fly away on the wings of love
Go where your heart is calling
Suddenly the road that I’ve been walking
Isn’t so plain anymore
Innocence taken and these memories awaken
I can hear voices but it seems so far
Today I was walking alone through the city
Where skyscrapers block out the sun
I saw a little girl waving from a busted out window
I started singing loud and strong
Music and Lyrics by Stuart Douglas
Copyright 2001 Mr. Douglas Music BMI