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Stuart Douglas

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Eden Slips Away

Stuart Douglas

A rock album with songs filled with strong lyrics, great hooks, and passionate vocals.

Stuart Douglas is a singer/songwriter based out of Birmingham Alabama. His first cd was entitled "Walking In On America",as "The Stuart Douglas Band "

"Eden Slips Away" was released in June 2007 and was produced by Eric Watters ( Suburban Love Junkies, Caddle) and mastered by Glen Schick ( Collective Soul, Ludicris)

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Walking in on America

Stuart Douglas Band

A steady but fun look into a life of travel, adventure and long lost love. A road trip style mellow but upbeat mix of catchy guitar driven songs in an alternative folk rock style.

Stuart Douglas has years of performance experience and will no doubt captivate you with his effortless guitar playing and steady vocals. Douglas has the ability to stir your imagination with his intricate songwriting and profound emotion, which is evident in every song. When it comes to songwriting, Douglas says that it can be a short or lengthy process, having written some songs in as little as 20 minutes. At times he works out the entire song in his head before even writing a single lyric on paper. His catchy hooks will have you singing along for days. His music is equally as enjoyable as it is intriguing, leaving you always wanting more. Douglas shines at rock and roll and at playing acoustic performances. He has toured all over the U.S. with multiple bands and released four studio albums. This includes the critically acclaimed “Eden Slips Away” which was named as one of the top 20 best independent albums. Douglas is currently at work on his fifth studio album. He gained international recognition with the release of “Never Stop Loving You”. He has loved music since a child while learning how to play in church and established his unique sound at the young age of 8 when he discovered there wasn’t a string instrument he couldn’t play. His love for music grew into a passion that followed him throughout his life. His influences being Prince, Bruce Springsteen, U2 and The Killers. He takes these influences to heart and has used them to create his own creative and unique sound. His music will be enjoyed for generations as it has the rare quality of being able to be enjoyed by any age. Having been born in Louisiana, Douglas has found a home here in Fort Payne. One of Douglas’ longtime friends, bandmate and collaborator, Nakia, finalist on season 1 of “The Voice”, who is currently residing in Austin, is thrilled about the upcoming show! He said, "I'm eternally grateful to Stuart. He taught me about collaboration and he probably saved my life more times than I even know just by pushing me to be more creative and open-minded. You know how you hear people say seeing The Beatles on Ed Sullivan set them on the path to play rock n roll? In terms of influence and inspiration, Stuart Douglas is right up there for me. He walked into my life and suddenly anything was possible." Aside from making music he is involved in the community as a board member with the low cost spay/neuter program Daisy Spay. He is an avid supporter of rescue organizations for dogs and even does volunteer therapy work with his own dog, Sophie. Which leads us to believe that Douglas has a heart as good as his guitar playing. Look for more shows in the future as Stuart Douglas is steadily becoming a household name you won’t soon forget.

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